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As much as possible, we would like to take care of our loved ones who are ill. However, there will be situations where the caregivers will be needing care themselves. Caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness can be difficult on many levels, both physically and emotionally, which can be overwhelming for the caregiver. It is in this situation that Respite Care may come into play.

Respite Care allows the caregiver to enjoy a short break or take needed time off to handle other matters. By advising us beforehand, we will find an appropriate place (usually a skilled nursing facility) for the patient to stay for a maximum period of five days. The caregiver can be confident that their loved one’s care is not compromised.

Facilities that St. Liz Hospice recommends for Respite Care are those that have a reputation in the community in providing quality services. We make sure that we have long-standing relationships and experiences working with them in taking care of hospice patients.

St. Liz Hospice takes a holistic approach to patient care, meaning we care for the patient and the family as well. We are here to assist in bringing comfort and care to all people involved. Simply discuss your needs with your hospice team, and they can assist you in making the appropriate arrangements.