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We Are Ready to Listen and Communicate

No two individuals are exactly alike.  The same is true in providing care to patients.  That is why at St. Liz Hospice, we are always ready to listen and communicate.  We make sure that we will be able to capture the substance of what the patient, their family and loved ones need and expect. Combine that with our professional experience and our knowledge in hospice care, we truly believe that we could come up with a care plan that will be practical, realistic and comprehensive, that is acceptable to all parties involved. We also make sure that the Plan of Care will meet the strict guidelines of Medicare.

We Are Committed in Resolving Problems and Issues

We will be lying if we’ll say that we can do our job flawlessly and perfectly. Adverse events sometimes do happen, and it is in this regard that we can prove our adherence to our commitment.  If a problem occurs, we make sure that the assigned hospice team, together with St. Liz Hospice management, work hand-in-hand, to resolve the issues as quick as possible.  Once resolved, we gather all the facts as to why the problem occurred and apply the necessary corrections so that it will not happen again.

We Deliver Results Above Expectations

Everybody deserves a nice surprise, most especially for those who are going through some trying times. That is why, as much as possible, we just don’t meet our promises, but we strive hard to go beyond what we have promised. Delivering results above expectations is our way of saying that we value the trust and confidence afforded to us by our patients, their loved ones, and our referral sources as well.

We Sacrifice Short Term Profit for Long Term Trust

Let’s face it. Without profit, a business organization will cease to exist.  However, we at St. Liz Hospice view profit differently.  We firmly believe that “profit is a reward for a job well done”.  So, instead of focusing on just profits, we focus in providing the best that we could in providing care to our patients and their loved ones.  By doing this, we firmly believe that we will earn the trust, confidence and respect of the communities we serve, which includes the referral sources that we work with.  This ultimately means one thing, the continuity of our existence and growth is enhanced because the families we have served will be referring us to people they know that needs hospice services.  Likewise, for our referral sources, they will be confident in referring more cases to us because of their trust and confidence we have earned.